Day 16: Tuesday, 5 June, 1984

Got off to an early start. I found the Bow Pass fairly easy. Kept meeting the same British couple over and over. Lots of game. Saw coyotes and a bear, etc. [Cycling past a bear beside the road made me pretty nervous. Ever been chased by a dog on your bike? Imagine a bear.]

Rode down to Saskatchewan River Crossing. That's where I ate lunch. Carried on from there. Had some winds against me, but I made it. Stopped at Rampart Creek, where there were 22 cyclists coming south.

I climbed the big hill (86k JPEG image). What a monster. That's the toughest pass, I'd say.

Got to the hostel. Lots of friendly people here--including lots of cyclists. Heading north, but not as fast as I am.

Mosquito Creek to Sunwapta Pass, Alta.
Trip Odometer: 1,683.1 km
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