Day 29: Monday, 18 June, 1984

Got up at eight and then had a bath and breakfast. Dale called up the Wynyard newspaper and a cute reporter showed up and interviewed me. [That was Sadia Z., a summer-student reporter for the Wynyard Advance, who ended up doing the most comprehensive and accurate article on my ride of any of the 50 or so newspapers I talked to that summer. Last I heard of her, she doing production work on the Metro Morning show at CBC radio in Toronto.]

I packed up after that and got escorted out of town by Dale and two of her kids on bicycles. Rode for a while. Stopped to rest and got into a great conversation with a hitchhiker.

Then I rode on. Couldn't buy a decent supper! No stores were open on Monday. Ridiculous.

Well, I moseyed on to Springside and then turned north on little (paved) roads up to Good Spirit Lake. Had a bread and sausage and soup supper and read until bedtime.

Wynyard to Good Spirit Lake, Sask.
Trip Odometer: 3,371.2 km
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