Day 30: Tuesday, 19 June, 1984

Got up and had breakfast. Packed up and wandered down to the beach. Had a swim--that was good.

Then I took off for Yorkton. Was against the wind most of the way. Talked to the radio station and two newspapers. Then bought groceries and rode off towards Duck Mountain.

The wind changed so it kept blowing against me. Then I got into a big thunderstorm. I got to Kamsack around 11 o'clock. Bought a new flashlight and had tea and then rode off into the night.

I made it to Duck Mountain really late (after 1 a.m.) That side trip to Yorkton was an extra 58 km. Grumble.

Good Spirit Lake to Duck Mountain, Sask.
Trip Odometer: 3,532.3 km
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