Day 32: Thursday, 21 June, 1984

Got up and moseyed off towards Dauphin. I got there at 4 o'clock or so. Found the three media. Took a while to get the newspaper people to understand what I was talking about. ("Well, when is this rally going to be held?" "I'm here, NOW!")

The radio was a riot. The guy couldn't get the typewriter to work, so he slapped me on the air with no warning. That was neat.

I got a few groceries and then headed for Riding Mountain National Park. The weather became gorgeous. Got hot climbing the escarpment so I went skinny-dipping in a convenient lake.

Eventually got to Wasagaming and phoned Nanoo [my grandmother]. Tried to phone Katja H. but she wasn't there.

Grandview to Wasagaming, Man.
Trip Odometer: 3,766.9 km
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