Day 44: Tuesday, 3 July, 1984

I arose at 8 a.m. and had breakfast. Got packed up and managed to get going about 11 o'clock.

I rode pretty steadily today. The road was pretty empty and the wind was mostly behind me, so I made pretty good mileage.

Called CUSO at one point and bought a bit of food. Kept pushing. Stores, etc., were just close enough together to keep me supplied with water.

Ran into construction today, with patches of gravel, but I survived. Other than that the road was pretty good, because the traffic was very light.

Anyway, I did 172 km and stopped at a rather nice little resort. Called Mom and Dad and received the news that Elaine [my sister] broke her collarbone on a motorcycle. How ironic.

Fort Frances to near Quetico Provincial Park, Ont.
Trip Odometer: 4,909.0 km
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