Day 45: Wednesday, 4 July, 1984

Got up and slowly got ready. Had a shower, etc. Got going about 11 a.m. and zipped down the road with the wind behind me.

Eventually phoned and tried to reach Larry Cruse in Thunder Bay. Couldn't get ahold of him. Got Ihor R. [classmate from Waterloo], though.

Carried on to meet the Trans-Canada and encountered two cyclists--father and son. Travelled with them. Decided not to go to Kakabeka Falls, but to tag along with them instead.

We just found a flat spot near the road. Stopped and camped and ate some food. Had lots of good conversation, too. Anyway, now I think I've got all the mosquitoes [in the tent] and can retire.

Near Quetico Provincial Park to near Conmee, Ont.
Trip Odometer: 5,050.9 km
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