Day 56: Sunday, 15 July, 1984

Had to get up at 8 a.m. again, due to the tent warming up. Had a leisurely breakfast and gradually started packing up. I waited for Kevin to get there before I packed up the last part. Then said goodbye to everyone and we rode away.

Went into town pretty quickly. We arrived at Waterloo Park (with Kevin C. [a housemate from university], who came out to meet us part way), and began looking around for Susan I. [the local CUSO rep.]

Eventually found her. Talked to the media and to Walter Maclean, M.P., and a city councilman, etc.

Then came back to Kevin's place, had a shower and went out for supper. Szechuan. Pretty good. Returned, watched some telly, made a couple of phone calls, and hit the hay.

Phillipsburg to Waterloo, Ont.
Trip Odometer: 6,382.5 km
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