Day 59: Wednesday, 18 July, 1984

Got up out of my waterbed this morning and eventually got to work on Gerald [remember, that's the name of my bicycle]. Put a new tire on him and did a few other small adjustments. The derailleur was acting a bit funny.

I rode down to Imprint and met the photographer (who is also cycling representative for the Outer's Club on campus). We headed out of town, with him stopping to take pictures occasionally. After a while he headed back to Waterloo and I carried on into Guelph.

I went to the newspaper, but didn't manage to talk to the CUSO person. I called up Tannis S. after a while [I had met Tannis at the wedding in Brandon] and she invited me to stay there.

Went out to a choir performance that she was in. Very good. I also met a whole bunch of people.

Waterloo to Guelph, Ont.
Trip Odometer: 6,449.0 km
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