Day 60: Thursday, 19 July, 1984

Got up at the same time as Tannis and her boyfriend. They were going off to the University, so I left, too--at 8:15.

I rode pretty steadily and soon was in Toronto. Rolled in on Weston Road. It was all right.

Bob W. [friend from Botswana], etc., were not there, so I went to the CUSO office. I left my stuff there and went off sightseeing. Went up the CN Tower. What a tourist trap that is!

Went back and picked up my stuff and went over to Benny and Bob's. No one was there, so after a while I called up Nigel O. (a CUSO person) and he came and picked me up.

Went out for supper with them (Nigel and his wife) and then crashed there, because it was more difficult to go over to Bob's again.

Guelph to Toronto, Ont.
Trip Odometer: 6,546.4 km
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