Day 65: Tuesday, 24 July, 1984

Got up and had a swim and then breakfast. Packed up and got going at the usual time--11 a.m. or so.

For the first time in many days, I actually stopped for lunch. There was a beautiful picnic site where the Tweed road joins Hwy 7. I had lots of time today, too.

Carried on in the afternoon. There was a bit of a wind against me, but no big deal.

Got to the campground at Silver Lake around 6:30, after getting groceries and gas [for my stove] at various places along the route. I had a swim when I got set up. Then supper and it still wasn't dark. Went and watched some movies and then hit the sack.

Blairton to Silver Lake, Ont.
Trip Odometer: 6,890.3 km
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