Day 68: Friday, 27 July, 1984

Got up at 9:30 when the radio station called. I did a taped interview, which was okay. I was a little groggy, but that was okay.

Then I had a shower and slowly got going. Had a phone interview with the Citizen. Then went out to lunch with Mark T. [an old friend] and did an interview with CKCU radio.

Then talked to CFRA radio. That was good, because they have a huge listening audience.

The photographer from the Citizen didn't show up. Made a date with Le Droit, but that didn't work out.

So I had supper and we went out to a movie--Nanoo [my grandma], Mom, Dad, and I. We saw Pope of Greenwich Village. Came home and did my OSAP [Ontario Student Assistance Program] forms. Then packed up and went to bed.

Ottawa, Ont.
Trip Odometer: 7,068.6 km
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