Day 70: Sunday, 29 July, 1984

Slept in till 9:30. I eventually called Kathy I. [mechanical engineering classmate]. Then Linda and I went out to the art gallery. That was quite good. A display of Bouguereau.

Came back and we went to the Botanical Gardens. We were going to see a concert of South American music but we failed to find it.

So we eventually went to a Japanese restaurant. I really like sushi. The steak teriyaki was excellent, too.

We then went to look at the tall ships. We were going to meet Kathy I. and her beau but this did not work out. So Linda and I went to a jazz club instead and sat and listened to a fairly good group. Came home and talked till 2 a.m.

Montreal, Que.
Trip Odometer: 7,283.3 km
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