Day 79: Tuesday, 7 August, 1984

Packed up in a rainstorm. Miserable. It ended when I climbed over the height of land, as I expected it would. It's probably still raining over there--or else the rain has travelled along the St. Lawrence.

I rode down a beautiful river valley most of the day. The Matapedia. Maybe not as spectacular as the Gaspe, but still very scenic.

Got to a campsite, after having got groceries at Amqui. The campsite is close to Matapedia.

I cooked my supper and then my stove exploded. One part was eight feet away and another was ten feet away and I couldn't find the other part. I was standing two feet from it at the time. So I called Mom and Dad. This evening has been a real blast.

Sainte-Angele-de-Merici to Matapedia, Que.
Trip Odometer: 8,145.3 km
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