Day 81: Thursday, 9 August, 1984

I was pretty lazy this morning. Didn't get up till 9 a.m. and then doddled around. Finally left at noon.

I rode into Bathurst and talked to a couple of newspapers. That made me really late. I carried on south against a wind. Met a guy who was riding out, when I stopped to change a cable.

I bought a few groceries in Chatham and then started out along Hwy 117. It eventually got dark and there weren't any campgrounds. I just kept riding.

Stopped to get water in a little store and asked advice. Kept on going and eventually reached Escuminac. Just past the town I found a beach. Set up on the sand and cooked supper. I love this place.

Near Bathurst to Escuminac, N.B.
Trip Odometer: 8,426.5 km
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