Day 83: Saturday, 11 August, 1984

Amazing informality here--no one bothered me for camping on the riverbank. I got up and went to get some milk and water. Had a good breakfast and then broke camp.

I called CBC, the daily newspaper, and the big radio station. I got interviewed by the radio, but neither of the others was very interested.

I did laundry, bought a new cable, and had lunch (on the house!) at a delicatessen. I eventually rode up towards Magnetic Hill. That was somewhat interesting.

Then rode back through town and out Hwy 6. I ploughed along, past Dorchester Penitentiary and the Sackville shortwave transmitters. Then decided it wasn't very far to Charlottetown, so I stopped at the next campground.

Moncton to near Sackville, N.B.
Trip Odometer: 8,664.7 km
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