Day 85: Monday, 13 August, 1984

I got up and packed and had breakfast. Got going fairly late and rode to Cavendish. Looked at Anne of Green Gables' house.

Rode along close to the coast. Lots of people were out swimming even though it was fairly cloudy. I thought about stopping for a swim, but I didn't decide to do it.

I eventually turned south and headed for Charlottetown. Sure didn't feel like a long way, to cross the island.

I rolled into town and found the New Democratic Party rally. Talked to lots of development and disarmament types. Shook hands with Ed Broadbent (then leader of the NDP).

Then went for a pizza with a couple of guys and then found the youth hostel.

Cavendish to Charlottetown, P.E.I.
Trip Odometer: 8,863.9 km
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