Day 89: Friday, 17 August, 1984

Got up in my rather less than perfect roadside campsite and had breakfast. Two other cyclists passed just as I was getting up. I didn't get on the road till three hours later.

I rode up and down along the Fundy coast all day. It was cloudy, but never actually rained.

Stopped in Windsor eventually to buy a few groceries and phoned some Ploughshares people in Wolfville. They invited me to stay there.

I encountered the same two cyclists as I was leaving Windsor and later on on the road. Rode with them part way to Wolfville.

The T.s welcomed me like one of their own--quite marvellous. I made my own supper and talked with them. The New Democratic Party candidate for the riding lives downstairs.

Near Densmore Mills to Wolfville, N.S.
Trip Odometer: 9,257.5 km
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