Day 93: Tuesday, 21 August, 1984

Got up really early and had a terrific blueberry pancake breakfast with Barb and Craig. I took off around 8:30--didn't really feel like going.

I stopped at the Daily Gleaner and had a quick interview and then at Atlantic Television. They did quite a long piece and even followed me out the highway for some road shots. [Apparently this piece was broadcast region-wide. ATV is a CTV affiliate. That was my biggest TV exposure of the trip.]

I rode on--about 1:00 p.m. I couldn't stand my back wheel, so I stopped to work on it. Ended up taking the freewheel off (!) and replacing four bearings in the back wheel. N.B. that is exactly how many spares I had of that size. Lucky! I put it all back together and continued on the long road to Saint John.

Arrived at a radio station at 8:30 p.m. and had an interview. Then had a pizza and beer at a restaurant. Rode up to Kevin and Sheila's place. Visited and watched TV for a while before crashing.

Fredericton to Saint John, N.B.
Trip Odometer: 9,764.4 km
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