Day 95: Thursday, 23 August, 1984

Got up and had breakfast, with the help of the farm people across the road (they gave me some water). Got packed up and on the road at the usual 10 a.m. or so.

I rode through some pretty quiet country until I reached Bridgewater. Stopped at a museum--a carding mill. Got into a long conversation with the guide.

Then I rode along Hwy 3A and Hwy 3 for a while. Got to a picnic site, where a woman was lying on one of the tables. Decided to stop for lunch.

Then rode along the coast to Halifax. I rode into town with a racer out training. Found Linda S.'s [Linda was a CUSOBOT, but also CUSO rep. in Halifax] place with no trouble. It was after 8 p.m., but a guy from one of the newspapers came over and interviewed me. Then had some food.

Ten Mile Lake to Halifax, N.S.
Trip Odometer: 10,047.7 km
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