Day 97: Saturday, 25 August, 1984

Got up fairly early, but didn't feel like moving that fast today. I never seem to feel like leaving that early when I'm in a good place with good people. Anyway, I eventually got packed up.

Had a few pictures taken by Michael (Linda's "significant other" is a United Press International photographer). Then rode up the bridge and through Dartmouth and up Hwy 7.

I eventually stopped to buy a bit of food. Ate lunch outside the store, too. I rode till I got to Murphy's Cove and pulled into a campground there. $4.00 isn't bad.

There were two other groups of cyclists there. Lots of conversation. Had my macaroni and then set up the tent and retired early.

Halifax to Murphy's Cove, N.S.
Trip Odometer: 10,135.6 km
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