Day 98: Sunday, 26 August, 1984

Got up about 8 a.m. and started packing up and eating, etc. Three cyclists headed up the road before me.

I rode at my normal pace, stopping for a snack now and then. I eventually caught up to these guys and then rode with them. They are going to have a bit of trouble because they all ride at different speeds. One guy was basically my speed, but one was really slow.

I had a swim in the Atlantic today. It wasn't all that cold. The second warmest ocean I've been in [after the Indian--the Arctic was the coldest!]

I left the three guys a while after that and rode on until Sherbrooke. Had supper there and then went to a campsite where I drank Screech with some neighbors.

Murphy's Cove to Stillwater, N.S.
Trip Odometer: 10,260.8 km
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