Day 100: Tuesday, 28 August, 1984

I was up rather early this morning, but I didn't actually get going till 11 a.m. or so.

Started off along the Trans-Canada. After about 15 km I met Kevin C. [housemate from Waterloo, then on a bike trip in Cape Breton] and his group. Had a chat with them. We headed off on our separate ways.

I had a flat later on. Felt like going for a swim in the Bras D'Or Lake, but I didn't. I had a second flat instead.

Turned off the Trans-Canada onto a road that crossed a couple of ferries and followed the railway fairly closely. So it was a fairly easy ride to North Sydney. Phoned some people (whose name I got from Linda S. in Halifax) and camped in their backyard.

Near Port Hastings to North Sydney, N.S.
Trip Odometer: 10,521.1 km
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