Day 101: Wednesday, 29 August, 1984

I got up just after the people I was staying with left for Quebec. I didn't have breakfast--just packed up and went down to the ferry. Bought a ticket and left my bike for a while.

Went and phoned a few radio stations and then the Cape Breton Post. They wanted a picture, so I went and got my bike and rode over to the office. Had a quick interview.

Then I had brunch and went back to the ferry. There were three other cyclists and we all got on together--one from Australia and a couple from Ottawa. The ferry left and we went for a beer.

Later on I met a guy with a banjo. We sat on the highest deck and jammed for a while [taking turns on his banjo--I didn't actually have one with me].

Went for supper with the three cyclists and hung around with them. Later on I ended up in the bar drinking soft drink with the banjo player.

North Sydney, N.S., to the Sydney-Argentia Ferry
Trip Odometer: 10,524.6 km
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