Day 104: Saturday, 1 September, 1984

Got up this morning when Linda R. arrived to pay for the room. She took me out to breakfast and then dropped me off at Mary Jane's Health Food. I made some phone calls to radio stations and talked to Lance B.--a Project Ploughshares guy.

I went back to my hotel and then wandered up to Canary Cycles. Talked to the owner there for a while. He's in the cycling club. Then went back to Mary Jane's.

I changed my airline ticket to Monday (6:30 a.m!) Went to Lance's place for a while. He offered me his neighbor's place for Sunday night. We went to Signal Hill, followed by a restaurant and two bars, where we met all kinds of people.

Saint John's, Nfld.
Trip Odometer: 10,778.0 km
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