Day 105: Sunday, 2 September, 1984

Got up and went to meet a bunch of the cycling club before they took off for their ride. The newspaper showed up and got a story on me just by chance!

Then went up Signal Hill on my bike. Met Steve and Joelle [the two Ottawa cyclists] up there. It was a little less foggy up there today.

Then checked out of the hotel--met some other cyclists who had heard about me on CBC. Moved into Lance's neighbor's place and then had lunch.

Hit a museum and then a nap. Then drove out with Lance to pick up his daughter at Flat Rock. [Joyce D. came along that day. Lance, his daughter, Joyce, and I detoured to Cape Spear on the way back. Lance said to me, "The sign says you're closer to Dublin, Ireland, here than you are to Montreal. Maybe you should keep going east." I didn't think so.]

Went over to Steve and Joelle's hotel and swam and had a sauna. Then out to supper. Offered Joyce D. a place to stay at Lance's neighbor's apartment. So we both went back there.

Saint John's, Nfld.
Trip Odometer: 10,778.0 km
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