Day 106: Monday, 3 September, 1984

[Got up brutally early and caught my 6:30 a.m. plane home to Ottawa. Returned in time to vote, but Mulroney got elected anyway.]

[I had really mixed feelings about the whole thing being over. It was tough going back to normal life as a third-year engineering student at University of Waterloo. On the other hand, I was kind of tired of moving on every day, almost always interacting with strangers, saying goodbye to new friends as fast as I made them, and especially of being self-sufficient.]

[My bike, Gerald, was pretty tired, too. When I finally took him apart to fix a few things back up, and figure out what that noise from the back wheel had been for the last two days in Newfoundland, I found that the back axle was broken. It had snapped just to the inside of one of the cones, and the only thing holding it together was the quick-release spindle. It was enough.]

[So that's the story of my bike trip across Canada. Thanks for reading it all.]

Saint John's, Nfld., to Ottawa, Ont. (by air)
Trip Odometer: 10,778.0 km
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