Canadian Literature

These are the Canadian works I read, after reading The Western Canon by Harold Bloom.

Author Works
Malcolm Lowrie Under the Volcano (actually, I had read this years before)
Robertson Davies
(Bloom's appendix lists only the first four novels, but I got enthusiastic)
The Deptford Trilogy: Fifth Business
The Manticore
World of Wonders
The Cornish Trilogy: The Rebel Angels
What's Bred in the Bone
The Lyre of Orpheus
The Salterton Trilogy: Tempest-Tost
Leaven of Malice
A Mixture of Frailties
The Toronto Trilogy:
Murther and Walking Spirits
The Cunning Man

High Spirits

Alice Munro Something I've Been Meaning to Tell You
Northrop Frye Fables of Identity
Anne Hébert Selected Poems
Jay Macpherson

Poems Twice Told

Margaret Atwood Surfacing
Daryl Hine Selected Poems

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