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I'm Canadian, and my father, grandfather, and great grandfather each curled up in Canada for years before me. Here's a picture of my great grandfather, Herbert J Shipley, in the hack of the Russell, Manitoba Curling Club, probably in the early 1950s when he was over 80 years old (41 kb jpeg file). Despite this wonderful genetic background, I had only curled four times (in grade seven) before I moved to the States. After I'd been here a couple of years, I began to feel that I needed to do something more to assauge the feeling of displacement I had. I looked in the phonebook, and there it was--the Madison Curling Club on East Washington Ave. A link with my Canadian roots.

I curled for seven years at MCC, and have grown to really like the sport. I'm still at the stage where improvement is noticeable from season to season (because so much more is possible, given how I play now!). Learning does certainly make it fun. I'm starting to think I'm getting close to the point where I've really got to buckle down and practice if I want to get any better, and there will be good things about that, too.

Now I've moved back to Canada, where curling is huge, and will have to choose from several clubs in my immediate area. I'll be able to watch it on TV from time to time, too. Meanwhile, if you haven't tried curling before and there's a club in your area, go try it. 1.5 million Canadians can't be wrong.

For other curling-related sites, check out Yahoo's curling site list. There's also a news group at Good curling!

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