Vax's Place

Let me take this opportunity to welcome you to my home page. Don't expect too much fancy stuff in here, just me doing my thing and offering you some interesting links to other sites.

As for who I am, well, I'm Vax. I'm married (to Vaxine) and no kids. I enjoy sports (couch potato variety, except for the odd round of golf, game of softball, or shooting pool - I'm not that good <g>) and going to Ottawa Senators Games. I'm also a very proud Canadian, born and bred here.

My main interest lies in BBSing (that's Bulletin Boards for those who don't know). I've been doing the BBS thing for well over 9 years now, and learned from one of the best, Shylock (sysop of the former Caesar's Sandbox BBS). He taught a newbie the in's and out's of BBSing, and now that his BBS is gone, I've hopefully kept up the tradition and opened my own, Vax's Place (yep, quite original). It can be reached in the Ottawa area at (613) 836-6375.

If you also happen to run a BBS, are located in Canada, and you're interested in joining a great message network why not take a look at Trans-Canada Network (Canada's Community Oriented Network).

Here are some interesting links that you might want to check out:

WebCrawler Searching

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Canada411 (Phone Number Look-up)

EXN: The Exploration Network (The Discovery Channel)

Multiboard Communications (BBS software)

Ottawa Senators Homepage

The Sports Network

More links to neat stuff like online lotteries, shops, travel sites, etc.