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Trans-Canada Network -------------- Echo Areas Descriptions


In case you're interested in what the echo is all about:

  • Description: (Trans-Canada Network) Internet Feed Sysop Test
  • Echo tag: I_INET_SYS
  • Message expiry: 60 Days
  • Maximum messages: 100
  • Public messages: Yes
  • Private messages: No
  • From-name: Alias or Real name

  • What the Internet Feed Sysop Test echo is:

    The I_INET_SYS area is designed to provide a forum for System Operator and Co-Sysops from TCNet systems that are directly getting their mail feed of TCNet through an Internet Email feed.

    Sysop and Co-Sysop only

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    For more information contact Tom Wolff, or any of the regional directors, and use the magic word "TCNPACK" to file request our Information Package.

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