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Trans-Canada Network -------- Moderator Responsibilities

The role of TCNet's Moderator/Conference Hosts are as follows:

Conference Hosts (Moderators) will be chosen for each echo. They are possibly the most important factor in determining the success or failure of any echo and should act accordingly in beginning discussions and making certain that conversations don't get out of hand.

1. Responsibilities and Duties of a Host.

a. Enforce all TCNet guidelines and rules. (as defined in the nodelist)

b. Create independent rules for your echo. To be passed along to the Network Co-ordinator and/or Host for approval prior to publication.

c. Notify TCNet SysOp's via the TCNet SysOp/Test echo or via their hub, or host board of any problem members.

d. Keep messages on topic. Hosts are expected to keep everyone in the echo on the conference topic, however, occasional strays are acceptable from time to time.

e. Do NOT allow members to "flame" others.

f. Help members to the best of your abilities.

g. Keep the conference going. Post as often as possible. (A minimum of 3 messages weekly is required when activity in the conference is low)

h. Control message quoting. Don't allow it to get out of control.

i. Conference rules should be posted at least once a month.

The role of the Host is less that of a conference "cop", than that of a party host. Make your conference as exciting as possible. If a member does however go astray, realize that everyone is at a different level and that the benefit of the doubt should be given. A calm and kind word goes much further than a public trashing.

As well, check your own "ego" at the door. As a host, you have a certain amount of power. Please set a good model for the members in your conference and though obviously you may express your beliefs, never hold anyone else's again them. Nothing is personal here. It's just a bunch of folks exchanging idea's and thoughts.

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For more information contact Tom Wolff, or any of the regional directors, and use the magic word "TCNPACK" to file request our Information Package.

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