Canada's Community Oriented Net

Trans-Canada Network -------------- Policies

TCNet's Policies are quite straightforward and are as follows:

1. All TCN member systems MUST display somewhere in their opening Logon Screen and/or their login bulletins their association with TCN.

2. All TCN Hub and Host systems must carry or make available for pass through all areas requested by systems they feed.

3. The Network administration reserves the right to delete any messages that are deemed in violation of the Network policies.

4. Transmission of electronic files (ie. UUECODED files, etc.) is not allowed in any of the network echos. The purpose of this policy is to prevent the illegal transmission of adult material (graphic files, etc.) and commercial software.

5. TCN will not tolerate any personal, racial or sexual bigotry of any kind, nor will it tolerate swearing, flaming, personal abuse or attacks by one user against another. TCN will also not allow advertising or discussions of copyright violations of any software (ie. pirate software).

Failure to observe TCN's policies or echo rules by a user or member board in messages in network echos will draw a polite reminder in the echo by the echo moderator and/or the Network Administration for the first infraction. A second infraction will draw a Netmail reminder as well as one in the echo. A third infraction will result in loss of privileges to the echo in question, and, depending on the infraction, loss to privileges in TCN itself. The duration of the loss of privileges will be for a period of time suitable to the infraction (to be decided upon by the echo moderator AND TCN administration) and will be enforced on all member boards. Further infractions by the user will result in complete loss of privileges in TCN indefinitely (this includes ignoring the loss of privileges by the user or member board).

The judgement of the moderators can only be over-ruled by the TCN administration staff.

6. All members must carry the "Sysop" (ICE) & "TCN Life" (I_Life) echos, plus at least 4 others of their choice. For Net Directors (Hosts and administrative nodes), the I_Admin echo is also mandatory.

7. TCN must be accessible and available to all registered members/users of a system and must be found in the message area. The only exception to this rule applies when the person has had their privileges removed from TCN or particular echos in TCN.

8. Points are allowed within TCN, but they should be encouraged to become private nodes. Points do not have sysop privileges and are not nodelisted, they also cannot be a functioning BBS. The Point's Boss Node is responsible to ensure that all their points abide by the TCN policies. A node that is going to add points off their system must make TCN Administration aware that they are doing so.

9. TCN Associates and its owner Tom Wolff reserve the right of veto on any issue affecting Trans-Canada Network.

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For more information contact Tom Wolff, or any of the regional directors, and use the magic word "TCNPACK" to file request our Information Package.

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