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Years ago, a road was built that united Canada. It passed through every province linking our lands from the east to the west coast. For the 21st & 22nd Century, we're building a Trans-Canada Highway from Victoria, British Columbia to St. John's, Newfoundland of a different sort....
Where the cold in the air meets the warmth in our hearts! Discover the difference....
Trans-Canada Network ---------- Information on TCNet


Trans-Canada Network (TCNet) is a message Net based out of Ottawa and has been in existence for over five years.

Currently TCNet has around 20 nodes across the country, from coast to coast. We are looking to connect to other regions and cities across Canada.

As our motto says, TCNet is "Canada's Community Oriented Network", and is a family oriented network with posters ranging in age of 8 through 80. There are no over zealous moderators. Abusive language, flaming, racial or sexual discrimination isn't tolerated, but at the same time, we give our users the benefit of the doubt. TCNet is also one of the most democratically run Networks around!

We have many things to offer our member boards and users including 40 echo areas to choose from. We are also using the Internet (using TransX) to feed many of the regions across the country.

Trans-Canada Network --------- How To Join Our Family


To join our family of member boards, please fill out the application in the information package and email or Netmail it to any of our regional administration boards at:

Region # Region Name Director Board Number Fido Address
201 Canada Tom Wolff (613) 836-6375 1:163/323
Position Available
935 National Capital Position Available - -
936 Eastern Ontario Position Available - -
937 Central Ontario Position Available - -
938 Greater Toronto Position Available - -
939 Southern Ontario Position Available - -
940 Eastern Quebec Position Available - -
941 Newfoundland Position Available - -
942 New Brunswick Position Available - -
943 Nova Scotia Position Available - -
944 BC Interior Phil Simpson - 1:353/731
945 Alberta Position Available - -
946 Saskatchewan Position Available - -
947 Manitoba Position Available - -
948 The Territories Position Available - -
949 British Columbia Position Available - -
950 Greater Montreal Position Available - -
951 Northern Ontario Position Available - -
Trans-Canada Network --------- Other Information
Echo Lists
Network Policies
Host and Hub Responsibilities
Moderator Responsibilities

For more information contact Tom Wolff, or any of the regional directors, and use the magic word "TCNPACK" to file request our Information Package.

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Updated - May 9, 1999