You can download any of my Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
programs from the BBS for your own use.  Some of the most
popular are available here for the asking.  Most of these
programs require the Sigma-Delta interface (See Jan '92 QST)
to connect your radio's audio output to a serial port.  These
programs run with DOS only.

NIAGARA	- Audio spectrum analyzer with "waterfall" display
FFT - turns your screen into an Audio Spectrum Analyzer
FFTZZ - upgrade V2.1 98.12 includes mouse support, BPSK mode
COHERENT - v7.7 -  recover weak BPSK signals
AFRICA - v3.1  - more powerful COHERENT for Pentium computers
AFRICAM - v5.4 - AFRICAM supports GPS-disciplined BPSK, FSK
SETDOS - sets your DOS clock to exact time using GPS input
GENMSG - v1.2 ID generator for C-BPSK, MSK - can make .WAV files
CRUNCH - v2.8 - new program for receiving QRS-CW
KEYER - a keyer for LF band beacons, supports all COHERENT modes
UTILITY - some notes and a Tuning indicator program
TONEGEN - plays music-like notes through PC speaker
SOUND   - Can be used to measure sampling rate of sound card
800HZ.WAV - 30 seconds of 800 Hz at 8000 s/s
MSKGEN - simple program to make loopable MSK audio test files
SDPCX - Schematic of the S-D interface board