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By: Vic Prochazka
UPDATED: December 10, 1997

What's in a name?

Cross-border trading can be a challenge at the best of times. Exchange rates, customs hassles and varying delivery times can be daunting to a novice collector. But before giving up on the idea, consider the benefits. For example, Mattel periodically releases Hot Wheels cars in the U.S. that are not called the same thing elsewhere. Think this is a rare occurence? Think again. Here's a list of name variations just from 1997:

1997 Hot Wheels Releases

First Editions

 No. US Name           International Name  Wheel Type
  #1 Firebird Funny Car       Side-Splitter       silver 5sp
  #2 Ford F-150               -                   silver 5sp
  #3 Excavator                Rock Buster®        disc
  #4 Saltflat Racer           -                   silver 5sp
  #5 '59 Chevy Impala         -                   gold wire
  #6 BMW Z-3 Roadster         BMW M Roadster      silver 5sp
  #7 Way 2 Fast               -                   silver 5sp
  #8 '97 Corvette             Corvette '97        silver 5sp
  #9 Scorchin' Scooter        -                   -
 #10 Mercedes-Benz C-Class    - Mercedes C-Class  gold wire
 #11 1970 Plymouth Barracuda  * Not released as a First Edition *
 #12 25th Ann. Lamborghini   Countach  "          silver lambo

Phantom Racer Series

 #1 Power Rocket              -                   silver 3sp
 #2 Power Pistons             -
 #3 Power Pipes               -                   silver 3sp
 #4 Road Rocket               -                   silver 3sp

Heat Fleet Series

 #1 Police Cruiser            Police              silver 5sp
 #2 School Bus                Bus                 silver 5sp               
 #3 Peterbilt Tank Truck      Hiway Hauler        silver 3sp,5sp,7sp,tri
 #4 Ramblin' Wrecker          -                   silver 7sp

Race Team III Series

 #1 Hummer                    -                   silver triblade
 #2 Chevy 1500                ?
 #3 3-Window '34              '34 Ford            silver 5sp
 #4 80's Corvette             Corvette '80        silver 5sp, lambo

Speed Spray Series

 #1 Hydroplane                Hydrojet            mini
 #2 Street Roader             -                   silver triblade
 #3 XT-3                      -                   silver 5sp
 #4 Funny Car                 Side-Splitter       silver 5sp

Spy Print Series

 #1 Stealth                   -                   silver triblade
 #2 Alien                     -                   silver triblade
 #3 Sol-Aire CX-4             -                   silver triblade
 #4 Custom Corvette           -                   silver triblade

Bif! Bam! Boom! Series

 #1 Mini Truck                Sonic Special       silver triblade
 #2 Limozeen                  -                   silver 5sp
 #3 Range Rover               -                   silver offroad triblade
 #4 VW Bug                    Volkswagen          silver 5sp

Street Beast Series

 #1 Unimog                  Mercedez-Benz Unimog  silver offroad triblade
 #2 Jaguar XJ220            -                     yellow triblade
 #3 Blown Camaro            -                     
 #4 Corvette Stingray       -                     yellow triblade

White Ice Series

 #1 ?                       Speed Machine         silver 5sp
 #2 Shadow Jet              -                     
 #3 Splittin' Image II      -                     silver 5sp
 #4 Twin Mill II            -                     silver 5sp

Dealer's Choice Series

 #1 Silhouette II           -                     
 #2 Street Beast            -                     silver lambo
 #3 Baja Bug                -                     silver 5sp
 #4 '63 Corvette            -            

Quicksilver Series

 #1 Chevy Stocker           -                     silver triblade
 #2 Aeroflash               -                     silver triblade
 #3 Corvette Stingray       -                     
 #4 T-Bird Stock Car        -            

Rockin' Rods Series

 #1 Twang Thang             -                     silver 5sp
 #2 Ferrari 355             -                     silver 5sp
 #3 Turbo Flame      (replaces '56 Flashsider)    silver 5sp
 #4 Porsche 930             -            

Blue Streak Series

 #1 Olds 442                -                     silver triblade                     
 #2 Nissan Truck            -                     
 #3 '55 Chevy               -                     silver triblade                     
 #4 Speed Blaster           -                     silver triblade            


 Splittin' Image II           -                   7sp, orange 7sp, pink UH
 Tractor                      Power Plower        silver constr.,triblade
 Tractor (green/yellow)       Power Plower        yellow constr.,triblade
 Neet Streeter                -                   basic 5sp
 Second Wind                  -                   basic 5sp
 Sizzlers                     Turbo Flame         silver 5sp
 Kenworth Big Rig             Kenworth T600       silver 5sp, 7sp, bw, tri
 #131 Nissan Hardbody         Super Nissan        silver triblade
 '59 Cadillac                 -                   gold wire
 Skullrider                   -                   silver 5sp


 Race 'N' Show
 Hot Wheels Crazy Classics
 Rescue Transport
 Just Trucks
 Team Racers II
 Farm Country
 Police Force

Cars listed in gray were not available in Canada. Wheel variations are also a common difference between the U.S. and International releases. There have even been instances in the past of cars with a wheel variation found only in Canada! Pity.





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