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Milezone's Track T for 2000
Manufacter: Milezone's Customs
Name: Milezone's
Custom Track T
Based on: Hot Wheels
1999 FE#12/26
Track T
Price: $13
(All prices in U.S. $)
(up to 4):
$3.20 within US
$4.75 to Canada
Total Production: Limited to
100 units
Variations: 99 - regular wheels
1 - real rubber
Currently Available*:

*As of May 1, 2000


The first of the new Milezone's customs for 2000

By: Vic Prochazka
February 12, 2000

Milezone's Track T in blisterThe new year is here, and so is the first of three custom offerings from Milezone's Collectible Toys. Milezone's is ringing in the new year with their own version of the Hot Wheels 1999 First Edition "Track T". While last year's customs were a sporty yellow, this little beauty is snow white and is dubbed "T Zone". As with last year's Dairy Delivery, this year's customs come on their new custom blister card, and ships in a protector pack. But while last year's Dairy Delivery was their biggest vehicle, this is the smallest custom they have made yet.

Milezone's customs are already sought after by collectors, but they also serve as a showcase for their own custom waterslide decals. They make dozens of specialized decals, each one custom made to fit a specific Hot Wheels vehicle. These decals can be ordered at a very reasonable price through their website.

Once again, Russ Burke of Milezone's Collectible Toys has confirmed that there is something for the variation hounds. "One lucky person will receive the custom in real rubber tires," says Burke. The "variation" will be distributed at random among all the orders.

If all this talk of customizing has you feeling adventurous, you may be in luck. Milezone's has hinted that they may have a "how to" video in the works. Details are sketchy, but the video will likely feature one of their own customs as the subject. Stay tuned for more info on this one!

Despite past demand for their customs, Milezone's will be limiting each of this year's three offerings to just 100 units. On the plus side, the order limit has been raised to 4 per household. So if you thought their previous customs were "limited" at 300 units, you'd better get cracking. These are sure to sell out fast!

UPDATE, May 1: The Milezone's Custom Track T has officially sold out. There are still a number of outstanding orders for which payment has not yet been received. Those people are urged to get their checks in fast, or risk missing out!






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