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Worlds best & most flexible Collectible domain name! is for sale! is long gone and a $millon domain! This is headed up fast too. Very Very reasonable at US$5000.00 only for the next week! Check out and you'll see this domain name is valued at over $50K! Finances force sales, so my loss can be your gain. Dont delay, get you piece of the American Online dream now!. Buyer to pay all transfer fees. Imagine the hits and recognition this top level domain will bring your collectible, toy, artifact, whatever you have! The most flexible domain name around!. Dont delay or its gone! 02/14/00-01


??? Action Figures: INFO WANTED ???

Star Wars Action Figures
HI... got about 30 to 40 different action figures, some are in good condition some well used. Wondering what they would be worth. Willing to sell if the price is right. Examples:(these are from the original trilogy)
Yoda: with cloth jacket, snake
Jawa: with cloth hood
Hoth Gear Luke Skywalker
C3PO: well used but paint in good conditions
R2D2: well used
Stormtrooper: regular and hoth gear
Han Solo (Empire strikes back)
Luke (Jedi Knight - cloth hood)
Bespin security
Death star technician, some others. 05/21/00-04
Wattos box error!!!!
I was on Ebay and found this factory errored version of Wattos Box.
Anyone have any news on where to find other items simular???? 01/19/00-05


<<< Action Figures: FOR SALE / TRADE >>>

I have a complete set of McFarlane's beautifully sculpted DG figures (mint on card); Abbey Chase, Sydney Savage, Natalia Kassle, and Major Maxim. Each figure includes it's own diorama setting.
I'd like to get $30, but I'm negotiable. 07/10/00-02
Star Wars Collection for sale  NEW!
This collection is a my life-long hobby that i've out grown. I have the older figures (off the cards) and the new figures (MMOC)..I have the double sided Phantom menace posters and a very rare (you can't find anywhere ) theatrical movie pass advance sreeening card. All my collection can be seen if you E-mail me and i will e-mail you the pictures ...Serious inquiries please. 07/03/00-03
Trading for wrestling figures,hotwheels, or WLs.
Many Star Wars orange cards available. Email if interested
in trading.GARY 07/02/00-03
USA X-men, Spiderman, Spawn, and Star Trek Figures  NEW!
For great prices on all of these figures, go to my website and e-mail me at The best around. 07/01/00-03
An excellent collection of 52 different figures from Kenner series 1,2 & 3 (1993 - 1997) all in perfect mint condition in their original 'carded' packaging all Japan and UK cards. Whole collection £290 pounds sterling or offers. E-mail for full check list. 06/26/00-01
US of A "Secret Wars:Black Costumed Spiderman"  UPDATED!
To all collectors, I'm selling a secret wars action figure of the black costumed spiderman from 1983,it's not in a box but is in excellent condition.Whoever's interested in buying this figure please contact me with your price.Thank you,and please reply soon. 06/22/00-02
I have the following for sale and all are MOC: Jakks SS1 Bret Hart Undertaker, Shawn Michaels Diesel , Goldust Razor Ramon, available seperately or as set, Jakks SS2 Bret Hart Ultimate Warrior, Shawn Michaels Vader, Undertaker, Jakks SS3 Bret Hart Mankind, Shawn Michaels British Bulldog, Ahmed Johnson Sycho Sid, Available seperately or as set, (both card styles available), jakks SS4 "Bad Boys", Vader Jerry Lawler, Faarooq Steve Austin, Justin Bradshaw HHH, Available seperately or as set, Jakks SS5 Flash Funk Ken Shamrock, Savio Vega Steve Austin, Sycho Sid Rocky Mavia, Available seperately or as set, Jakks Managers Series 1, Bob Backlund/Sultan, Clearence Mason/Crush, Sable/Mark Mero, Paul Bearer/Mankind, Available seperately or as set, Jakks Tag Team series 1, Godwins Headbangers, New Blackjacks Legion of Doom, Available seperately or as set, Jakks S.T.O.M.P series 1, Steve Austin Ahmed Johnson, Crush Ken Shamrock, Undertaker Brian Pillman. available seperately or as set. All of the above figures are MOC. I don't send first 06/22/00-01
Star Wars Power of the Force 2  NEW!
I have all kinds of figures for sale, including, (but not limited to):
Luke Skywalker theater edition
Leia as Jabba's Prisoner
Gammorean Guard
Luke in Stormtrooper disguise w/ removeable helmet
Biggs Darklighter
Endor Rebel Soldier...and many more!!!!
All are mint in package! Talk to me today! Also, look at my website for any SWCCG cards you may need! Everything must go!!! 06/19/00-03
for sale or trade: gijoe, heman, tcats, transformers, etc.
i have gijoe, heman, transformers, gobots, robotech, mask, silverhawks, visionaries, she-ra, power rangers, video games, etc. 06/16/00-01
Secret Wars Action Figure:Black Costume Spider
To all collectors, I'm selling a secret wars action figure of black costumed spiderman from 1985,it's not in a box though but is however in mint condition.Whoever interested in buying the following figure please contact with your price offers and we'll discuss it.Thank you,and reply soon. 06/15/00-03
Star Wars figures and ships for sale
Hi, I have many of the recent power of the force figures for sale, some are loose, most are still carded in mint condition, all are complete, and either in mint or very good condition. If you are interested, email me for a list of what i have. 06/14/00-02
Original Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica toy set to be sold
This collection is wide list of original Star Wars toys (mostly the first movie, but some from Empire and Jedi, too), as well as some Battlestar Galactica toys from the original Mattel release. Also, there is one GI Joe vehicle in the mix, too. Some of the highlights include a WORKING original Star Wars Battle Command Electronic game, in good shape, with a somewhat beat up box. No instruction manual. And in the Battlestar Galactica toys, one 12 inch Cylon Warrior, still works, tho gun barrel on pistol has been broken off, but is included for regluing, and a chip out of one shouldher part of his breast plate. And three vehicles from the original release, cylon raider, viper, and scarab, all with firing missles. A complete list sent to each inquiry. 06/14/00-01
X-men, Spiderman, Star Trek and Spawn figures for sale
X-men, Spiderman, Star Trek and Spawn figures for sale. Most are mint in box, and all are for sale at a reasonable price. Please e-mail me your want lists and please go to my site. Everyone is welcome! 06/10/00-04
Action Figures For Sale
Have many action figures, vehicles and/or play-sets from GI Joe, Go-Bots, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, M.A.S.K., Kenner Starting Line Ups (Baseball, Basketball, Football). All for sale!
E-mail me for any lists you are interested in.
Am willing to trade for Star Wars items or New York Mets memorabilia. 06/07/00-01
Orignal Star Wars Figures
Star Wars figures still packaged;klattu(skiff), b-wing pilot, rancor keeper, ree yees, rebel commando, general madine, admiral ackbar, lando(skiff), paploo $40.00 ea or all $300.00 cdn funds. 06/05/00-02
Swimming Jar jars!!!!!!!!!!
I have a bunch of naboo swamp(swimming)jar jars for sale.If anyone is interested let me know.Thanks. 06/05/00-01



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