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??? Action Figures: INFO WANTED ???

Star Wars Action Figures
HI... got about 30 to 40 different action figures, some are in good condition some well used. Wondering what they would be worth. Willing to sell if the price is right. Examples:(these are from the original trilogy)
Yoda: with cloth jacket, snake
Jawa: with cloth hood
Hoth Gear Luke Skywalker
C3PO: well used but paint in good conditions
R2D2: well used
Stormtrooper: regular and hoth gear
Han Solo (Empire strikes back)
Luke (Jedi Knight - cloth hood)
Bespin security
Death star technician, some others. 05/21/00-04


<<< Action Figures: WANTED >>>

Canada! Wooo!! Wanted: Micro machine, Action Fleet, VIRAGO  NEW!
I need the Micro-machine, Action Fleet, VIRAGO, in mint, Canadian packaging. Thanks! 07/03/00-02
I am looking for the admiral figure that comes with GI Joe USS FLAGG aircraft carrier. Hard to find figure I now see! If someone out there has one or knows how to get one please let me know! 07/02/00-02
I am desperatly lookinf for sealed or loose complete racing and 3rd series MASK toys..I am also looking for sealed Rambo items espicaly Snakebite,Xray,Drhyde,Whip action warhawk black dragon ect..will consider buying loose as well..please contact me if you have anything or know where I can find them..Have had no luck on the net..PLEASE HELP 0702/00-01
Ronin Warriors Action Figures Wanted!  NEW!
I am looking for the following Ronin Warriors action figures: Rowen, Kento, Anubis, Sekmet, Dais. I am looking for them at a decent price also. If anyone is selling/trading them or has information, please contact me. 07/01/00-04
Heeeeeeeeeeelp!  NEW!
Hey there, I'm looking for ANYTHING Zbots at reasonable prices. Doesnt have to be MOC or even carded as long as its not all scratched or has dog bite marks or whatever. Mainly looking for Hitman, Nekgripper, Nastee, Armr-All, and Krushr. Thanks!!!! 07/01/00-02
Looking for Monster Armor Mr. Sinister, loose or on card. Must have cape, but other accessories not really necessary. Looking to pay $5-$10 as I'm in the UK, I'll pay $10 postage 06/29/00-01
I am looking for a John Connor (from Terminator 2) or Ryan (from Warriors of Virtue) action figure. It doesn't matter what kind of shape the figure is in as long as it isn.t actually BROKEN! It would also be nice if the figure still had all of it's accesories. If you have either of these figures, let me know. 06/28/00-02
USA Comet  NEW!
Wanted Fisher Price Rescue Heroes "Comet" Space Monkey in WHITE SPACE SUIT. Must be White Space suit. Will pay $150.00 Must be able to provide some sort of picture. 06/24/00-02
Monsters Wanted!!!!!!!!  NEW!
I am in search of Mego, AHI, Remco, Lincoln, Tomland, etc. action figures packaged (carded or boxed) especially Lincoln figures. Also, any other pre-1990 monster collectibles and Kresge-carded or Lion Rock megos and Thriller Action figures from 1980's made by Powco (from MJ's Thriller video). I can never find them. Thanks! 06/20/00-02
POTF2 Light Sabres
I am willing to pay a reasonable price for the following, no figures or accessories need be boxed or carded, but the figure itself must be near/mint and with all accessories, as I collect for personal satisfaction rather than money:
Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker
Mara Jade
Luke Skywalker Electronic Lightsabre
Darth Vader Electronic Lightsabre
I am very willing to trade or buy, merely make a proposal and I shall provide.
MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU - Justin 06/18/00-01
1990 Simpson Figures
anyone that has any mattel 1990 simpsons figures still in the box preferably mint or near mint please contact me! 06/12/00-01
 Princess of Power- Netossa and Mermista
Looking to buy Princess of Power figures- Netossa and Mermista. Would like them loose, and in C7+ condition. No accessories required, but preferred. Also after Princess of Power Wing-sets (Flutterina, Sweetbee, Angella), and any other weapons or costumes. HOWEVER, I am in Australia, so you need to be able to ship here. Thankyou. 06/11/00-02
Need a MIB Stretch Armstrong...
Got one? 05/28/00-02
I need Saint Seiya Action Figures
I am looking for saint seiya action figures from bandai. If any one out there has any I am willing to buy them all. Please write if you have any information on getting them. PLEASE!!! 05/25/00-01
Want reaint Malebologia from Spawn series II
Send me an Email with how much you will take for it. I can't gaurantee anything over $20.00 . 05/19/00-02
Ronin Warriors
WANTED: RONIN WARRIORS ACTION FIGURES Willing to trade for or buy. 05/05/00-02
Eagle Force die-cast figures wanted !!!!!
I need a few Eagle Force figures to complete my set...if you have any, send me an email to see if i need them and to discuss price. 05/04/00-01
Looking for spawn figures.... either on card or loose(as long as they are complete and in near mint condition...) ya, well, the more the merrier, so if you have em, give me a mail with a list/quality/cost :) 05/03/00-01
Mara Jade action figure
I am in desperate need of the Mara Jade action figure from Star Wars Shadows of the empire. If anyone knows where you can get her or has her please contact me. I'm willing to pay good for her. 05/02/00-01




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