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Ackman says some goof in his neighbourhood was trying to sell a used President's Choice train set for $100 at a garage sale! 05/21
MacFanatic spotted a classic Macintosh Plus for under $50 on the newsgroups. No Mac addict should be without one of these historic machines! 04/16
Ackman says it's still possible to find NHL Team Coke cans in 6-packs at local Mac's Milk stores... if you're a Calgary Flames or Ottawa Senators fan. 04/06

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Putting on the ritz...

June 12, 2000

Hollywood.com, Inc has this great Series 1 Frankenstein Monster action figure from Sideshow Toys, among other classic movie monsters!


HOL Shopping 120x60

Fire bad!


When men were men and goalies were scared...

May 23, 2000

Rotman Auction Has this incredible 1923 NHL hockey card of Ottawa's Frank Clancy up for auction.


Banner 10000006

Woo hoo!


Go directly to rail!

May 19, 2000

Automoblia Limited Has this complete, ready-to-run Lionel O-Gauge Monopoly theme train set. Production will be limited to just 1000 units.


Exclusive! Limited! We've Got 'Em Automobilia Ltd!

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The Doctor is in!

May 18, 2000

NextPlanetOver.com Has this imposing 14" cold cast porcelain statue of Doctor Doom from Bowen Designs.


Watch out, Fantastic Four!


This just teleported in...

May 16, 2000

What's the best Doctor Who ever doing with his time?

800-Trekker.comicon knows! Check out Tom Baker's witty double CD talking book "The Boy who Kicked Pigs." Only 200 autographed copies available.

Banner 10

Jelly Baby?


A gift for that super someone in your life...

May 10, 2000

Fragcity has this high-quality prop containing a 5" piece of Kryptonite! It actually glows green when you touch a switch at the base.

Banner 10000002

Watch out, Clark!


Support your second favourite team!

May 8, 2000

Proteam.com has tons of adult NHL clothing, including this Toronto Maple Leafs "3rd Jersey.

Six shots. Can you believe it?! Six lousy shots on net!!!


Stupid Leafs
Go Leafs Go!


Support your favourite team!

April 24, 2000

Proteam.com has some groovy adult NHL garb, including this cool new Ottawa Senators "3rd Jersey."


Woo Hoo!!!
Go Sens Go!


This game just got creepier...

April 14, 2000

Hollywood.com, Inc
has a new Alfred Hitchcock's Clue Game edition of that old family favourite. The board has been redesigned with weapons, characters and evidence form classic Hitchcock flims!

HOL Shopping 120x60

Yes, mother!
Don't go into the shower!


New! Ruby Lane Search Engine

UPBy: Vic Prochazka
July 20, 1999

Collector's Planet, in conjunction with Ruby Lane Antiques and Collectibles, now offers you the ability to search one of the largest and most comprehensive indexes of Antiques, Collectibles, and Fine Art resources on the Net. The new search boxes will save you time when searching for specific items online. Ruby Lane lists millions of item from hundreds of sites and shops on the Internet, including eBay,
Boxlot, Antique Networking, TIAS, and Collector Online to name a few.

Antiques & Collectibles
Global Search


The Book of Beanie Babies: An Unofficial Book

UPBy: Vic Prochazka
May 18, 1999

The Book of Beanie Babies is an excellent and innovative way to catalog your Ty Beanie Baby collection. Each Beanie gets its own 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" full colour photo page, with information on the back. But the best part is the book itself: it's a 3-ring binder with dividers! Pages can be sorted and organized as you wish, and updates are easy to add. No need to buy a whole new book each year!

Your own custom Beanie Book! Purchase online here.

May 1998 Supplement,  September 1998 Supplement




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