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It's definitely been too long since I've updated the site. The amazing thing is, the emails still come pouring in after all this time! Unfortunately a lot of them are spam, but a lot of them are from actual collectors with actual questions. By far the most common question is "What's this worth?". The short answer is, "I Don't Know". I'm just a collector like you, not a professional appraiser. But running a collecting website for over 7 years, you tend to learn a thing or two...

What's this worth?

A good rule of thumb when asking this question is to remember that your collectible is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. But people's tastes are fickle, and something that was worth a lot one day may not be worth half that the next.

eBay is free

No, not to list your collectible, but the next best thing... free to search. The easiest way to find out what your stuff is worth is to see what others are paying for similar stuff. Simply select the category, and type a keyword (e.g. Frankenstein"), and voila! Everything Frank,. Or whatever. But for best results, use the Advanced Search, and check "Completed auctions". This gives you the final sale price, and even more matches.

Find a collector

If there's nothing like your little treasure currently up for auction, you could always try searching the net for people who have a passion for such things. Often times, if someone finds it worthwhile putting up a webpage about their favourite stuff, they might just be interested in buying yours. Like this lunatic and Red Lines.

Books and magazines are cheap

Sure you could read them in your local comic shop, but why put up with the smell? There are tons of price guides available online. One of the best for Hot Wheels collectors is Tomart's. Loads of colour pictures, and it's pretty much the standard. Ever see a scalper peeking under his Flea Market table when someone asks him for a price? It's probably a Tomart's. Can't find that rare variation? Check out Hot Wheels Variations: The Ultimate Guide (Hint: if you're really cheap, pick up the previous edition for only $6.39!)

When in doubt, shout it out

If all else fails, try posting a For Sale ad on one of the many collecting websites around*. Many of them are free, and if you don't like the offers you get, you don't have to sell. At the very least, you'll come away with a greater appreciation of what your crap- er, stuff is worth.

*This used to be one of them, but so many of you came here, my ISP has throttled my bandwidth, forcing me to shut down the classifieds section. You can still browse, but be aware that most ads are severely out of date!

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