Unfinished Pteranodon longiceps: 
1/12th  scale Resin Casts, rods not included

(click image for larger size)

Catchin' a Wave 

Catchin' a Wave detail

Closed beak detail, green version

Open beak, green version


Pteranodon longiceps: 1/12th scale sculptures
Finished painted resin "Catchin' a Wave" with translucent wave $550.00.
Unfinished resin cast each closed and open mouthed versions: $150.00 each.
23" x 9.5 x 8"
1/12th scale Enchodus fish comes with open beak version at no extra charge.
Unfinished opaque resin wave base for closed beak version $70.00.
Finished  solid bronze version of "Catchin' a Wave" $2500.00

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