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The Book of Chaos Spells

Chaos Spells from AutonomatriX

Corpus Fecundi Index

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[Top] Opening and Banishing Rites:

[Top]Evocations: Work with entities which may be naturally occurring or manufactured. They may be regarded as independent spirits, fragments or the magicians subconscious, or the egregores of various species of life form, according to taste and belief structure. In practice Evocation is usually performed for Enchantment, in which the evoked entities are made to create effects on behalf of the magician. Evoked entities also find some application in Divination, when they are used to discover information for the magician.

[Top]Divinatory Rites: Includes all those practices in which the magician attempts to extend his perception by magical means.

[Top]Enchantments: Includes all those practices in which the magician attempts to impose his will on reality.

[Top]Sigils: Pictoral, graphic or mantric glyphs representative of the will of the magician. Used as a means to circumvent the barriers of the sub-consciousness and implant desires into the Deep Mind.

[Top]Invocations: The deliberate attunement of consciousness and the unconscious with some archetypal or significant nexus of thought. The classical conceptions of Pagan god forms are often used but other principles may serve. Invocation creates states of inspiration or possession during which Enchantment, Divination, or occasionally Evocation, can be performed.

[Top]Illuminations: Deliberate self modification by magic and may include spells of Enchantment cast at oneself to repair weaknesses or increase strengths, and Divination and Invocation performed for inspiration and direction.

[Top]Pathworkings: Guided visualization rituals, used as an exercise in manipulation of altered states of consciousness. Often representative of a journey or other transformative process.

[Top]Prose, Essays and Reports:

[Top] Other/New: