This Rite is the equivalent of a druidic Gnostic Pentagram Ritual.

Instead of the Pentagram, it uses a form known as the "Awen", which is three rays eminating from a central point.

The right (gold) ray represents the masculine attributes of the Sun, the left (silver) ray represents the feminine attributes of the Moon, and the center ray (the crystal ray) represents both and neither, the ray of possibility.


1. Raise the arms above the head, taking in a deep breath. As you lower your arms, intone the vowel "I". Make sure that your breath ends just as your arms hit your side.

2. Repeat this last step, except intone "A" as you lower your arms.

3. Again, repeat this step, but intone "O".

4. Finally, repeat the step, but intone all three sounds (I, A, O) together into one continuous sound and breath. Picture the rays as you draw them. The "I" is the left ray, the "A" is the middle ray, and the "O" is the right ray.

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