This rite is intended to aid the magician in directing her exploration of the unknown universe. The magician states 8 particulars she'd like to gain more information about. The particulars can range from trivial gossip to nuclear physics to finding local covens.

It is in stating one's will that one starts accomplishing it. The most successful magick I've done has involved figuring out what I wanted and then getting it soon afterwards by fortunate coincidence.

The Ritual:

-1. Setting - If the magician seeks knowledge involving her immediate neighborhood, then this rite is best done on the hill or rooftop with the best view of the area.

0. Use any opening rite desired. If the Gateway Rite is used, the realm to be visited could be the "Information Highway."

1. The Magician declares:

As every uttered word is registered
For eternity upon still air,
So let these words register to the farthest reaches
Of the known and the unknown.

While saying this the magician "sees" these words (words being the seeds or building blocks of information) surrounding her, visualized as a flock of birds. Any bird of personal preference may be visualized.

2. The magician faces each compass direction in turn and states a subject she wants more information about. As each of the 8 intentions are announced a gesture may be made and one of the birds is visualized as being sent forth as the magician's eyes and ears.

3. The Magician declares:

Let me reap the rewards of information.
As the word is spoken, so let the work be done.

4. Banish with laughter.

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