of the Egyptian multi-personality/body complex

The Rite:

1. Sit in the posture of the babe of the abyss, i.e. knees brought to chest, arms folded over them, and one's forehead resting upon them. "It is my will to unite the various elements we call ourselves as a living prism of chaos."

2. Standing in any preferred direction with arms outstretched, call upon the forces dealt with in this ritual by the following: "Let the Shining Ones not have power over me as I become one with these selves of my-self. I call upon Love and the Lords of Chaos to aid me in this ritual. "

3. Take small bowls of milk, water, and red wine and mix them together in a larger bowl. Holding one's (dominant) hand over the main bowl, say "May body, imagination, and will be one." Hold the bowl out before you and anoint yourself upon the genitals, heart, and forehead. Pick up a feather and fling drops of the mixture out before you.

4. Take the feather and again dip it into the mixture. Turn 1/8th of the circle deosil and flick the feather with the drops of the mixture out before you. "May equal measure be distributed to you, my KHU, who is with me now, before, and forever, the spark of consciousness, and informer. Let me contact that which is beyond my understanding, yet understood at the root of my being." Spend a few moments in meditation upon the essence of one's goals.

5. Turn to the right, 1/8th of a circle, to the next cardinal point. Dip the feather in the mixture, and flick it in this direction. "May equal measure be distributed to you, my REN, the director of the recording of this life, and may my secret name be known to me. This name I will never record for any other to see, but will remember. " Spend a few moments in meditation, calling upon a hidden name to call oneself to be presented to you. If this name is already known, verify this name by opening oneself to inspiration of its nature.

6. Turning to the right again, dip & flick the feather out before you. "May equal measure be distributed to you, my SEKHEM, the power, energy, and living fire which animates this body. I honor you with every breath I take, and with every step I am moved by you " A few moments in deep concentration upon one's breath, visualizing 'Force" animating the cells of the body.

7. Turn to the right 1/8th of the circle, dip & flick the feather. You are now at the point of the circle opposite from the beginning. "May equal measure be distributed to you, my SAHU, my body. Born at the onset of consciousness, I now perceive within your structure. Let my awareness of you be my thanks" Lay oneself down and slowly bring one's awareness and concentration over your body while visualizing a gentle light enveloping it from head, to neck, then chest and arms, to belly, groin, thighs, knees, chins, and finally feet.

8. Rising, dip and flick the feather 1/8th of a circle deosil. "May equal measure be distributed to you, my BA, that which causes my self to burn with lust and passion for endeavor. May I be close to you forever In my actions, to listen to intuition and instinct alike." Clear the mind of all thoughts and become receptive to a flash of inspiration regarding relationships to others, and the direction you are heading in your present preoccupations and habits.

9. Turn, dip, and flick the feather. "May equal measure be distributed to you, my KHAIBIT, my shadow. You who see all that has transpired, form for me a picture of the many pieces I have scattered in the circumstance of living." Remember back to the earliest memories you can access, slowly bringing yourself to the present. Alternatively, if this ritual is repeated or of shortened duration. remember all the events that have transpired since waking this day and bring your mind to the present. Search for a (common) thread which ties these situations together.

10. Turn, dip, and flick the feather. "May equal measure be distributed to you, my KA, my Over self, he (or she) who is most true despite myself, as perceived by myself and those around me. You are the magician within me, the Dark Sun which shines without light. May I bask in the glow of your radiance. " Visualize the self arrayed in a black-light, tile opposite or negative picture of yourself. Take this image in, and blend it with your body.

11. Turn to the beginning point. Begin spinning deosil (clockwise), chanting the seven-which-are-one until all the images before you blend and disperse, to the point of falling. At this point, when balance is lost, cry "NETERU HEKA EM (I am the Logos) and laugh heartily to close.


1. KHU angel-spirit guide-HGA

2. REN director-the film of one's life-the hidden or secret name

3. SEKHEM the tech-power/energy/light-animates the sahu

4. SAHU the remains-spiritual body-astral

5. BA heart-sex/love-soul

6. KHAIBIT shadow-memory

7. KA the double-the only one to trust

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