(with a fond "hat's off" to Frater Fellatio.069, London IOT)


This exercise is to be attempted at the beginning of our solstice Chaos Revel - after the banishing of course. It is still to be decided whether we will do the GPR, the IAO, the Vortex, or perhaps we'll opt instead for the CCC.

The Rite:

0. All participants will gather into a circle about a small fire, or alternatively (if the group is over thirteen) grouped into smaller circles of five or less.

1. The group is seated in a circle. An envelope is held by one member and passed to everyone in the circle, then placed in the center. I will provide three such envelopes (just in case). Contained in the envelope is a link to the target.

2. The group links arms, and begins breathing rhythmically and deeply.

"It is our will to create a sphere of innocence that envelopes he who is in need of it."

3. Let a circuit of energy build up, flowing between group members using the "ahhh" mantra.

4. Each member visualizes a cord of energy flowing from themselves into the center of the circle.

5. These cords form a column, entwining around each other. The column rises from the floor into the air a few feet above the group.

6. The top of the column then bulges into a sphere - which draws the rest of the column into itself. The sphere pulses with the combined energy of the group.

(We should be sure that some audio cues are given)

7. At this point, the sphere is programed by participant's visualizations of a smiling and understanding judge and the shout:


8. One member of the group then begins a countdown from ten to one. As the countdown descends, the group visualizes the sphere pulsating and beating like a heart.

9. All shout "BLAST OFF!" The sphere shoots off into space at high speed toward its target and all relax, laughing.

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