Wear those clothes you'd only use when home alone, and would let nobody see you wearing, like those you wear to sleep or get out ov bed.

In thee core/central room ov thee house, prepare each wall as follows:

Thee Rite:

Opening: Stand in thee middle ov thee core room. Cry HUT, stomping ground with one foot & and then with thee other.

  1. 1. Hold your wand in front ov you. Imagine that it iz a fire column conneckting thee earth and thee sky. Imagine that a enormous circumference ov octarine light is drawn by your will around your body at waist height, reaching as far as thee entire horizon ov thee earth. Trace it with wand.

    Visualize & trace another ocktarine circle around you, same size as above, but this time perpendicular to thee other, surrounding you at great distance, from thee center ov thee earth between your feet, rising to your right, to thee zenith above, and closing back down your left side once again to thee center ov gaia.

    Draw another ockt circkle. This one goes up from thee same point as previous, but surrounds your bodymind at great distance around your back, reaches to thee zenith and then goes down again over your front.

    Lastly, visualize glowing ocktarine fire coming out from your wand, held again in front ov you, and reaching out until meeting thee huge diameters drawn, exorcising all this space from unwanted presences. Vibrate FAGVIV.
  2. Statement Ov Intent: "we want to center ourselv in alignment with home".
    shake holding rattles, let glossolalia & trance come.
    collapse to floor, rest there, breath deeply and rise again, scanning earth energies with hands as you rise.
  3. while drumming with wand on drum & glossoing, trace spiral walking outwards;
    you may trace one turn for each season spent in thee house.
    end in thee wall ov more needed element (thee one you lack more at present). Cry "GERUNGHOWTHERANG", visualizing thee spiral extending as a new galaxy.
  4. leave drum at thee border ov core room. go out ov that room and following thee sense ov spiral, go and touch with your non-dominant hand (keeping wand in thee other hand) every wall in thee house, while saying your magickal name.
    after completing this, or instead ov it, caress thee walls continuously (replacing contact with wall for contact with furniture, when necessary), repeating your magickal name as a mantra.
  5. return at thee core room. pick thee bell from thee center, go to one ov thee corners nearer thee element you need and then mark two diagonal axis, walking with wand on one hand and ringing bell with thee other. at each corner, say CHOYOFAQUE GERUNGHOWTHERANG!, visualizing and arrow sprouting from that corner and extending all over Earth, until coming again to your hand.
  6. now mark by the same procedure as above two orthogonal axis, beginning at the side which has your needed element. at each wall, say AEPALIZAGE GERUNGHOWTHERANG!, visualizing same thing as in (5).
  7. from thee center, turn to each corner, launching with your wand / visualizing thee lines extending all over earth, while saying thee words THALDOMA for one point and NOBO for thee other point in one axis, and ASHARA for one point and DIJOW for thee other in thee diagonal axis.
  8. now turn to each wall, saying UZARFE / D'KYENG for the points in one axis, and KUDEX / EACHT for thee points in thee other.
  9. Keep silent for a moment. Vibrate SYCUZ. Draw a cross ov light (as Phil Hine puts it: Reach upwards with your right hand breathing in, and bring it down the centerline of your body whilst breathing out, visualizing a beam of white light passing down through your body, from above your head to below your feet. Next, turn your head to the left and point with your left hand, then turn to your right and stretch your right arm out, forming a T. Breathe in, hold, and breathe out, visualizing a ray of white light running across your body, from left to right. Then, whilst breathing in, bring your arms across your body and fold them across your chest. Breathe out, and visualize a cross of white light expanding outwards from your chest, along the two axes you have made).
  10. Repeat thee banishing from (1). Rebanish with lovter (laugh with love).
  11. Repeat at other times ov night & day or later/before in your life, with thee variations that may feel appropriate. Please copy thee relevant paragraphs from your diary into our Comment Projeckt.

bee happy, bee very happy

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