The purpose of this rite is to ritually attune an object to be used as an altar. Any suitable object may be used for an altar, and the rite adapted to suit that object, as well as the whims of the participants. The only important thing is that the elements are all included in some form.

The Rite:

1. GPR or other banishing.

2. Participants attain gnosis of some form. We used extreme sound concentration on a rhythmic, computer-generated sound.

3. Eight loud sounds. We used eight beats on a drum.

4. Declare that the Temple is open.

5. "Purify" the altar, by the application of some substance, words, or both. Soror Generica: sprinkled water inside the altar and said "Udinbak Nooley", once for each of the four corners. Frater FFM: Threw salt over the outside of the altar, and vibrated "In the name of Chaos, we dedicate this altar to Chaos. May Nodens carry us to Alcyon." three times, because it felt right.

6. "Load" the altar, each participant giving over some part of themselves to it. Soror Generica made intense body contact over the surface and sexually charged it. Frater FFM smashed a rare stone he had mined while saying "Me make'um sacrifice, heap big chaos.", and then drove a dagger through Logic & Knowledge, and then projected through unblinking eyes.

7. When all feel that they have loaded the altar sufficiently, a dedication should be recited over it. This is a type of group statement of intent. This may be recited by a single individual or the group. Frater FFM: We declare this altar bound to the work of Chaos. May Lord Nodens carry us across the great abyss to Alcyon.

8. Banishing by laughter

9. Eight loud sounds, followed by the closing of the Temple.

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