Liber Anak

The Manifesto of Temple Anaki
Established 940617

Statement Of Intent:

It is our will to further develop our magical skills by exposing ourselves to diverse paradigms, to project an ever growing field of revolutionary change under intentional will, and create an interconnecting web of like minds in our area.

Gatherings of Temple Anaki - A Working Group of The AutonomatriX

Who: All known members designated by the AX Initiates who began this Working Group:

Darakan, Heretic, Mothra, Maridel.

When: Friday nights at 7:30 pm

At 7:30, people should be ready to begin Temple work. We ask that individuals police themselves in this matter.

Where: At the home of Darakan, with mobile and temporary work zones wherever we desire.


(Members are referred to as "Anaks")

Candidates for membership may attend, but only after they have met in advance with an Anak (their "Contact") who has been specified as a part of the Core Group and their presence is agreed to in advance by all members. It is expected that a Candidate be fluent in the basics of modern (Chaos) Magic: i.e. openings, sigils, banishings, etc.

After eight meetings (two months) a new members shall be eligible to become a Core Member, provided no other Core Members give any legitimate reason to deny that members eligibility.

Current Patterns Of The Anak

1. QUESTION EVERYTHING!!! There are no exceptions! If one is unclear about anything or has a doubt, ASK!

2. If one is expected at a meeting and unable to attend, it is common courtesy to give notice to others as soon as possible. All Core Members are expected to attend all meetings on time unless they have given prior notice that they will not be present.

3. A running calendar shall be kept of "what" and "where" for upcoming Anaki plans and works. It is understood that we shall deviate from this for reasons that are unknown.

4. Personal issues and differences within Anaki meeting space will be openly addressed, confronted and dealt with accordingly. They will not be allowed to take up group working time.

5. All things are mutable, it is known that all will evolve and change, including this ink and this paper.


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