AniGifSigils: What they are & how to make them

An anigifsigil (ani-mated gif-file sigil) is an auto-gnostic method which employs an internet browser capable of displaying animated gifs and playing background sounds. Both are looped, in an effort to create a visual and auditory mantra. A pleasing (though not necessarily related) image is interspersed with a graphilinear sigil of one's desire, and a verbal sigil is created in the same way, a voice-over in front of a repetitive or monotonous tone.

1. Computer with sound card and/or microphone.
2. Browser (Netscape, MSExplorer). No internet connection is necessary.
3. An animated gif-maker, like GIF Construction Set.
4. One of the following:

a. an existing animated gif, or
b. a program for creating "slides" from computer-generated artwork, or
c. digital camera, or
d. video frame grabber, or
e. photographs and a scanner.

5. A desire worthy of sigil-casting.


Ensigilize desire.
Create anigifsigil and background sound.
Create an HTML document for its use.
Cast the sigil spell.
Launch the sigil.


Ways to ensigilize desire:
Write out a desire in simplistic terms. Say it to yourself a few times; does it feel right?
1. Develop a drawn image of the desire's lettering by overlapping letters into a singular shape.
2. Develop a verbal sigil or mantra by sounding out (adding vowels where necessary) the letters remaining from the written desire after repeating letters are deleted.


To create an animated gif:
RTFM. Intersperse your sigil between frames of the animated gif.


To create a background sound:
Record your mantra with some monotonous sound behind it, preferably something rhythmic or pulsing using your computer's microphone recorder.


To create your sigil's playground:
Open up a word processing application (if you know HTML code) or your favorite HTML processor and create the page upon which your sigil will unwind.


Method-Acting® suggestions:

  1. Be restful.
  2. This is a passive gnostic technique that requires concentration, at least at the beginning.
  3. Start your computer's browser and open the anigifsigil page. Make sure volume is appropriate and you can see nothing unnecessary (the tool & status bars, directory buttons, location, etc., are deselected).
  4. Sit str8 up if in a chair, or on the ground, facing your monitor.
  5. Stare into the anigifsigil until you see only the "filler" or "engine" images cascading as one, then only the sigil, and vice-versa.
  6. Prepare to launch the sigil by preferred means.
  7. The sigil is launched, and banishing is accomplished with a single loud clap and the browser's shutdown.

The code for the ADULT CONTENT (I do not endorse nor encourage illegal activity) sample’ is as follows, and you can simply copy it, substituting your own elements where you see green lettering:

bgsound src="file:thesound.wav" loop="infinite">
body bgcolor="#000000" text="#OOOOOO">
p align="center">
img src="file:SigilSample.gif"</p>
h1>My desire to manifest a contagious meme</h1>
<p>Cast 980523 2300 hrs. Launched via trance aided by E 980523 2600 hrs.</p>

Make sure that your bgcolor and text match in hexcolor.

And there you have it; a trance-inducing method of casting a sigil which can be saved with all the necessary information contained in it for record-keeping (the desire itself, its date of launch, etc.) in a subliminal context. You can save the files attendant on a floppy disk with the title "Sigil" and its performance date if you like and send it to friends!

’ Your loading and playback time at home may be significantly quicker than this on-line sample.
Of course, this is "980524 0200 hrs." if ya wanna be that way about it!

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